Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dress The Bump, Not The Flab. Tips to dressing cute before and after baby.

Dressing during pregnancy can be a difficult task.  Many mothers-to-be will dress comfortably during their pregnancy and throw all fashion out the window.  Ladies, you don't have to dress in oversized t-shirts and shorts through out the entire pregnancy just because it's comfortable.  According to the season you can dress the bump and still feel comfortable.

I found out I was pregnant three days before Christmas.  That was definitely THE best gift I could have ever received and so could my family.  But, that's a different story and we'll cover that a later time.

I was able to continue to wear my normal clothes for awhile.  However, I wasn't able to button my jeans after the first 6 weeks.  Many women will go out and completely buy a new wardrobe in the maternity sections.  Not me.  I wasn't to fond of the maternity clothes that I found or they were just way too expensive.  Honestly, $86 for a pair of maternity jeans.  Don't get me wrong they were comfortable when I tried them on, but instead of spending top dollar on a pair of jeans that you're only going to wear for a few months, try the alternative of belly bands.  About $20 for a band, they allow you to wear your regular jeans throughout your pregnancy.  I was able to wear my jeans up to about 7 months.  After that I didn't want to wear jeans much because it was July and over 100 degrees outside.

I never bought maternity clothes.  Like I said, I wasn't too crazy about maternity clothes.  I just couldn't find anything that screamed my name.  So instead I wore normal clothes.  I was fortunate to not get to huge that I could still fit into normal sized clothing.  I would have to wear XL tops sometimes but I looked good and I loved my outfits that I was able to recreate many different times.

I mostly wore maxi dresses and skirts for the remainder of my pregnancy when I was working.  These skirts were cute and comfortable. I only had a handful of of maxi skirts so I often switched them around to make many different outfits.  It doesn't take much effort to feel and look cute during pregnancy. Some key tips for achieving this cute look is simple.

Layers according to season. Layering with tunics will help completely cover the bump.  Throw a a sweater or jacket on to pull the outfit together.

Wear form fitting tops.  Everyone loves to see the how big your baby bump actually is.  Bulky fabric can make you look bigger then you actually are.  And you're probably already feeling like a beached whale.  Remember to keep the form fitting tops classy.  Some of those form fitting tops can appear to be kind of trashy. That is why it is essential to layer with long tunics so they can cover your belly if the top is too short in the front.

Wear black or other dark colors.  Black is slimming and will help make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.  Through a colorful cardigan over your top to add a pop of color to the outfit.

Accessorize. To tie the outfit together add in a few accessories.  Try a skinny belt to emphasize the bump.  This allows you to show where the bump begins and will add a bit of flare to the outfit.

Lastly, do your hair and makeup.  Even if it's just a little blush and mascara, it will make you feel better.  Most women swell up during pregnancy and their skin tone changes.  This will bring out your glow and make you feel like you haven't given up on yourself completely.  I would do my makeup every day during my pregnancy even if I was just wearing Nike shorts and a t-shirt, it made me feel pretty and I didn't see so much puff in my face when I looked in the mirror.

Applying these tricks to your outfits of maxi skirts or dresses will really help complete the perfect look to dressing your baby bump. don't mind my swollen and puffiness in this.  I'm seven months pregnant almost and everything on me was puffy by then.

White lace maxi dress I purchased at Vanity.  Yellow three-quater sleeved cardigan was purchased at Maurices.

Now, dressing your body after the bump I feel is more challenging than dressing it while pregnant.  If your like most people, your body doesn't bounce back to normal right away.  In fact, most women don't ever get their body back to how it was before baby.  Granted breastfeeding does give you a head start to getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight, but it doesn't effect your stomach muscles.  After a week of breastfeeding I was back to my weight before I was pregnant and plus some.  However, when I put on some of my tops that I wore before I was pregnant they didn't fit right anymore.  Luckily, some of the same rules apply.

Wearing dark colors and layering can help make you feel slim and great about your look.  Since it's now fall, warm colors are in along with baggy clothes.  Don't jump the gun too much there, kids.  When I say baggy it's to layer an outfit for a comfy, casual, trendy look.  The draping, flowing fabric fall smoothly over your body helping shape your figure.  Along with baggy tops, cardigan and boots are IN!!! FINALLY!  Fall is my favorite time of the year for fashion.  Maybe it's because of all the warm colors and all the activities you can dress for.

Getting back on track now.

Pair the baggy top with a pair of comfortable skinny jeans and boots to create cute, comfy look.

Avoid embellishments to your outfits.  This means nothing to frilly on your top or too baggy in the bottom.  Wear jeans that fit. If your in between your maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy jeans opt for an in between pair that you will love just as much.  Skinny jeans are so fab for helping you feel slim if they are worn correctly.  Pair them with a pair of heels that you're comfortable in and they will not only add a few inches but will help in making you look and feel slimmer.

One amazing thing that pregnancy does to your body is it changes your tatas.  Learn to love them.  Revealing a bit of skin brings out a little sass and can boost your confidence.  V-Necks, help accentuate your new neck line for the better by adding a more vertical look that will help in drawing the eye from your post baby bump to the now present tatas.

There's a hidden secret that you only know is hidden under your clothes.  If you still aren't feeling comfortable with your body after baby try slimming tanks or camis with a built in band to help compress in your tummy.  This shapewear is amazing and is even made for your bottom half.  The great thing about shapewear helps make you stand tall and makes you look slimmer.

You're body is going to go through drastic changes and for those whose bodies bounce back to normal after a only a few short weeks, power to you, you freaks! But ladies, if you're struggling, don't give up. I have to constantly tell myself that I just had baby recently and my tummy is going to be the same as it was before.  But a good outfit can make you feel confident in your skin again if you're having self image issues.  You're extraordinary! Stay beautiful, lovelies.

Sorry, the picture is a tad blurry.

This is me post baby almost two months.
The cheetah print cardigan, black v-neck beige sequin tank and scarf, and denim skinny jeans were purchased at Vanity.  I paired the outfit with a pair of heeled ankle boots from Payless Shoes.  Remember, heels not only help your height but they give you a slimmer look and make your legs look aaaaa-mazing!