Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kingston's Nursery

I'm a very proactive person and a planner.  I had my wedding planned before Grant and I were even engaged so naturally, I had a nursery planned for a boy and a girl.  When we learned that we were having a little boy, Grant and I began preparing Kingston's nursery.

I had planned something that you don't normally see for a nursery.  I wanted it to be something that he can grow up with and not outgrow by the time he's 5.  

My husband, Grant is a very artsy person.  He enjoys drawing and graffiti a lot so I figured what a better way to introduce something that my husband loves that he can enjoy with our son.  This is what I wanted Kingston's nursery to represent.  We want to be able to share common interest with him as he grows and when he's older.  Along with art and graffiti I added another hobby of my husband's; skateboarding. 

I combined the two hobbies and came up with an urban, inner city theme.  Skateboards, street signs, license plates, and two framed pictures of city skylines make up the art in Kingston's room.  

The color scheme for his room are shades of grey, black and bright, enticing colors that would remind you of graffiti. 

His walls are painted to shades of grey.  We purchased the paint from Wal-Mart and chose Disney colors.  Three walls are coated with a lighter grey called Scream Machine; a Monster's Inc. color.  The accent wall is bold and is coated with a dark grey called Eeyore's Rain Cloud; a Winnie the Pooh color.

The furnishing in his nursery we purchased from JC Penny.  Sturdy, black, and made from real wood, Kingston's dresser, crib, and changing table with storage cabinet line the walls of his bedroom.

Since we are currently renting our apartment I didn't want to get too crazy with decorating his room, but luckily our landlord allowed us to paint.  So when we buy our house I have found a graffiti wall mural that we are going to purchase and hang it in Kingston's room for his accent wall.  I'll post a link to the site for your viewing pleasure.  I've also found a website that makes custom bedding so of coarse Kingston's bedding is graffiti print as well.

I've really put a lot of planning into his room.  If you thinks that's good, wait 'til you see what I have planned for a girl's nursery.  ...If I'm lucky enough to have a girl next time.

Colourful Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper

Kingston's Nursery after we finished it.  We've added a nine cubed shelf we purchased from Home Depot with lime green bins that now sits on the wall between the crib and changing table.

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