Friday, February 21, 2014


Home Management

                                                                     Monthly Bill Organizer

                                                             Monthly Expenses Tracker

Monthly Bill Organizer

Starting a home management binder or needing help budgeting expenses.  Try my simple Monthly Bill Organizer.  An easy way to keep track of your monthly expenses and to help make your life a little more organized.

Monthly Expenses Tracker

I'm starting to re-figure our budget since we've purchased a house.  In a previous post, I've given you all the option to download my free Monthly Bill Organizer. So now, here's my free Monthly Expenses Tracker. This is to help you keep track of where you spent your money for the month. You can add your bills to it, along with where else you spent your money.  For example, you purchased gas, lunch, and had to buy a new pair of boots.  You would record the date of purchase, where you purchased, the amount, and how you paid.  Then at the end of the month, total up your bills and the other expenses and see how much you spent that month.  I'm looking into starting Dave Ramsey's Envelope System next.

Download my free Monthly Expenses Tracker Here

Username and Password Log

Keep track of your usernames and passwords easily.  Place this in your Home Management binder for a quick reference.

Get my free Username and Password Log HERE

Monday, February 17, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day


I just wanted to share with you all a some laughter, smiles, roses, and the kisses.

It's Kingston's first Valentine's Day, so to commemorate this day, I took some special Valentine's pictures of him that I can keep forever.  He'll always be Mommy's Valentine.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How My New Year's Resolution is Making Our Move Organized

We all make them...New Year's Resolutions.  We vow that this new year we are going to work out more and eat healthier, or read more books, or take up a new hobby.  Like most, after about a week you break that resolution.  This year my resolution was to be more clean and organized and I can happily say that I'm still keeping my end of the bargain a month into the new year.  

I've always been a list-y person and after having my son I wouldn't be able to keep my head on straight if I didn't take up organizing and planning.  Now, I don't live a strictly planned day-to-day life.  I schedule things out and go with the flow.  I have a plethora of time to play with my sweet boy every day.  I work on projects when he's content in his play gym or napping. 

Each day I try to complete at least one project.  With a new house in our near future my projects have been consisting of organizing for our big move. Did I mention that my husband and I have purchased our first home? Among the mountains of stuff that we have accumulated and stuffed into every nick and cranny of our two bedroom apartment I've started on projects that will help make moving easier.

Tips and Projects 

Make a Moving Key. 
By color coordinating your boxes will help make moving much easier.  After you get into your new house map out what room the boxes will go in.  Once that is complete add a colored dot or tape to the door frame so the movers or your helpers, if you're moving DIY style, know where to put the boxes.

Home Inventory List 
Make a Home Inventory checklist of the items you can't pack and where you would like them to be when your moving in. This again will help keep your moving process efficient and organized. 

Pack One Room at a Time
Packing one room at a time will provide space for you to store more boxes while you're packing. 

Pack Early
When you find out that you're going to move, start packing.  Eliminates stress.  Moving can bring out the worst in people, so the less stress, the better.

Making a Moving Kit
Supply it with your color coding supplies, markers, tapes, scissors, etc.

Label It!!
Label the box of the contents inside or fragile if necessary. When you label the box put it on the two most broadest sides of the box.  This way when they are stacked you will still be able to see which room that they go in. 

Unpack the boxes in priority of how they need to be opened. Use red duct tape on the boxes that need to be opened first.

Don't Over Pack
Don't over pack your boxes.  Lift them as you go to ensure that they don't become to heavy to carry. 

Heavy Items
When moving, pack heavy items, like books, in rolling suitcases for easier transportation. 

Wrap It Up
Use saran wrap to secure drawers.  Eliminate the need for tape that leaves behind sticky residue, or tying rope and having to fight knots. 

Utilize everything
Book bags, baskets, crock pots, washer and dryer use them all.  For example, store your cooking spices in your crock pot or other items that you can place in your washer or dryer for the move. 

Double Up Bedding
To help keep your mattress clean and protected during your move put a fitted sheet on each side of the mattress.  

Vacuum Sealed Bags
Enough said.

Hanging Clothes
Keep them on the hangers and put a trash bag around them. Protects them from dirt and dust and easy to pop back up in your new closet. 

Before you start packing, purge your items.  Go through and organize and re-organize your stuff.  If you don't use it, or you don't wear it get rid of it.  Set it aside for a moving sale or donation.

X Marks the Spot
Map out a diagram of your new home.  That way you will have an idea of how you want to arrange your belongs and where you want to display or store them.

Pack the items you wont need until you're in your new house. Such as holiday decor. Every year after Christmas you pack up your decor and store it away for the next year. There's one area you won't really need to worry about packing.  

Defrost your fridge and freezers at least a day or two in advance. 

Use styrofoam plates between glass plates to help protect them during the move.

Have trash stations in a few rooms of the house.  As you'll be packing things up, you'll find stuff that you just don't need anymore or it's broken etc...Set paper sacks in a few rooms to help you de-clutter and clean out that space.

Pack up your children's toys that they aren't using or they wont miss.  It will be a pleasant surprise for them when you're unpacking. 

Pack a suitcase. 
Pack a suitcase like you're going on a 3-day vacation.  Keep this separated from boxes so you don't have to go digging and searching for your tooth brush and underwear. 

Take Pictures
Take pictures of how cables are hooked up. This will make for an easier assembly when you're in your new place.

Double boxing.
Double boxing especially those fragile items. It will protect them better.

Make to-do lists!! Eliminates stress and you won't feel scattered brained trying to remember if you did this or that yet.  Keep this list with your Moving Kit.

Clean your home in advance. 
Before you move out (especially if you're currently renting the place you're in now) clean in advance.  Little things will help the process move along smoothly.  You can clean the fridge, cupboards, drawers, etc weeks before moving day.  

Fill holes
Fill nail holes in the wall with the appropriate compound. 

Moving doesn't have to be stressful, my friends.  Start early and do moving projects along the way and you'll be in a for a stress free move.